Final project

In your final project for this class, you will extend and develop one of the three assignments you have completed over the course of the semester. I encourage you to think about this as an opportunity to develop work that will have a function outside of our class – as a publication online or in print, a teaching tool, a component in your dissertation, or in some other way.

You may choose to simply revise and add more to what you have already written, or you may transform your initial work in other ways – changing the focus while maintaining the form, changing the form while maintaining the focus, or something else. Use the readings we engage in during class as inspiration, showing you what is possible.

Project deadlines and requirements:

Workshop preparation:
On December 9, we will use our class period to workshop your projects in small groups.

By Friday December 4, you should let me know which project you are planning to work on. I will assign groups based on project compatibility and you will then share your initial assignment, along with some of your revision plans, with your group members by Monday December 7.

Final submission on ELMS: Wednesday December 16
The length of your final project will depend on the kind of revision you do – sometimes intensive work is not reflected in additional words! If you are primarily extending length, though, I would like to see you approximately double the length of your original assignment (for example from 1500 words to 3000) not including works cited. What I am hoping to see from these projects is an intensive engagement in the revision process, though – such that the new version is deeper, more expansive, more nuanced, and more polished than the original one, whatever that means for the specific work you are doing.